Oh Man I’m 30

Good morning everyone!  Today is my 30th birthday and although I’m not going to edit or work I thought I’d put something up on my blog.  This weekend I had 2 weddings, one in Maryland on Friday and the other in Seattle on Sunday, my 225th and 226th career weddings.  So I’m exhausted now, but it’s been a really good trip.  Lately as I approached my 30s I’ve been thinking a lot about my 20s.  If you asked me in my early 20s where I would be at 30, I would not have said that I would be a husband, a father, and a photographer, but by God’s grace that’s where He has placed me and it’s better than what I thought I wanted.  As I approach the next decade, I’m looking forward to seeing more growth both personally and professionally.  I am grateful that I am able to serve each client in such an important way, documenting the day that they promise to love each other in the presence of their family and friends and celebrating with awesome dancing and food:).

Lastly, below is a photo that my good buddy took when my family and I went and visited the Tulip and Daffodil Fields in Skagit Valley, WA.  I thought it would be nice to post a photo of my family on my personal blog post day:).  Thanks for reading my thoughts!  

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